Our Accumulated Body of Work

Full Films or Trailers available for viewing below.

2017 - "Merry Christmas Headphone Jack"

Three terrible people share Christmas together in Winter Park Florida

2015 - "Sitter"

Be amazed as a babysitter watches an insane B movie! Watch in horror as reality begins to bend around her! Avert your eyes in fear as the town of Zanesville faces the wrath of a most unusual killer! It's a unique horror comedy that you won't soon forget!

2013 - "Valley of Vision"

In the conclusion of The Road To Trepanation, Percy learns of the events that brought about the end of the world and is forced to face the truth of his involvement with them. The stunning revelations brings him to a crossroads where he can disavow responsibility or save his one true love.

2011 - "The Road To Trepanation"

Percy awakes in a desolate future with no memory, a tape recorder in his pocket, and a strange tattoo on his arm. As he searches for answers he meets a variety of characters all somehow connected to each other and learns of the world he has been thrust into where everyone has scars on their foreheads and are pursued by robot cars.

2010 - "Antique Film"

Zack Smith helps his girlfriend move by driving her across the country. On the way back she dumps him which sends him spiraling into an odyssey of antiquing in Mount Dora Florida.

2009 - "It Came From A Place"

Borrowing heavily from story cliche's and stereotypes from the B Movies of the 50's and early 60's, this film showcases three crazy characters whose stories intertwine with one another with murder, monsters, and shrimp pasta.

2008 - "A Portrait of Young Love"

A struggling writer lives a life of solitude in a large house cut off from the rest of the world as he feverishly attempts to finish his book. As the pressure to complete his job increases he begins to lose his grip on reality. 

"Making A Living! Part Three"

In the final chapter in our silent film trilogy, John must come to terms with the chaos that his reckless behavior has created for himself and those around him. This ultimately leads to a climactic sword fight and his personal moment of truth which brings the story to a close.

2007 - "Making A Living! Part Two"

In this silent film sequel, John decides to quit his job and give up the powers of death. This leads to a whole new experience filled with danger such as car chases, battles with Satan, and first dates! 

"Dan Plastic"

In this short film, one man decides to use household items to create a time traveling device that he believes will send him two hundred years into the future! Unfortunately it doesn't work but our hero ignores this fact and goes off to explore the wonders of the future.

"The Peppercorn Medley"

One evening in the kitchen of a Hungry Howie's pizzeria, two young women arrive with a camera to make a documentary about the hard life of pizza deliveries. Throughout the night pizza's are made, pans are cleaned, romance is hinted, and truth is revealed. The film is half narrative and half actual documentary. 

"Secret Movie"

Two characters go on a quest through the dark and foreboding area known as the University of Central Florida campus in the dead of night.

(Licensed from Important Films in cooperation with LO Pictures)

This film was a collaborative effort between Peter Card, Chris Nolte, and Brandon Wane

2006 - 'Escape of the Cuban Prime Minister"

Insane short film that showcases a man taking a seemingly important phone call while exchanging stuffed animals in a secret briefcase. Yeah it makes about as much sense as it sounds.

2005 - "Making A Living!"

John is one of many grim reapers, working minimum wage bringing death to those who need it. Along the way he falls in love, dances like a fool, and engages in overly elaborate plots with unexpected consequences. This entirely silent film was shot in less than a day. 

2004 - "Impressions" 

A man stuck in the most overtly cliche' depressing black and white film imaginable, is rescued by his super hero comrade and thrust into a ridiculously over the top action film where he battles skeleton villains and old women. This short is an attack against all substance-less pretentious student films.